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Pet Tracker X2000 - Blue Tooth Tracker

Pet Tracker X2000 - Blue Tooth Tracker

Pet Tracker X2000 - Blue Tooth Tracker

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Bluetooth Tracker

Did you know up to over 4 million pets are lost every year? Use the pet tracker X2000 to keep your pet safe and in sight. Just simply attach your beloved pet collar and connect to the free phone app for constant tracking.

The light-weight tracker will track your pet up to 75 ft within bluetooth range from your connected smart phone device. Perfect for making sure your pet doesn't get out of sight and into rooms, closets, out-door pools, beyond your comfort zone and potentially lost forever.

This pet tracker can also be used to track ANYTHING. You can quickly find your keys, wallet or any other special items. Choose your color and start tracking your pet to keep them safe!

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping due to high demand of this product. 

Have more than one pup? Get 2 or more of them and track from the same device!

If your pet is important to you, then you MUST get the Pet Tracker x2000 to keep your pet safe!

Package included:

1 X Tracker Device

Downloadable Phone App